Stargazer Lily 101

  • Posted on 07/27/2016 by Laura

The stargazer lily is a young flower, having been created in only 1978. It caused a sensation across the world that hasn’t died down.


Leslie Woodruff, lily breeder and grower, created the flower in 1978 to a roaring success. His new flower type was seen as the perfect hybrid lily. It combines Oriental and Asiatic lily qualities, maintaining the best of both worlds. He named it stargazer because the flowers seem to look up at the sky. The name itself has derived its own symbolic meanings.


The flower’s name and physical qualities create the symbolism of high hopes, optimism, and limitless possibilities.

Other symbolic meanings of the young stargazer lily are spiritual purity, financial success, reaching your goals, heaven on earth, and limitless opportunities. The yellow and orange stargazer lilies are especially great for symbolizing optimism. The white stargazers symbolize purity as well as sympathy. And if the flower is pink it symbolizes prosperity, abundance, and a message of honor.

The flower has only been around for about 40 years but the stargazer lilies represent the 30th wedding anniversary. Make sure to gift them to your spouse of 30 years to symbolize your everlasting love.

The flower is even a symbol of mystery. Woodruff didn’t keep records of his crossbreeding experimentation so the flowers that were crossbred to create the stargazer lily were unknown for a long time.


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