Snapdragons 101

  • Posted on 06/29/2016 by Laura

Why are these unique flowers called snapdragons? The flower’s head and petals resemble the face of a dragon. In fact, Antirrhinum, snapdragons’ genus, comes from the Greek “anti” and “rhis.” This translates to like a nose; likely, like the nose of a dragon. Its modern name refers to the snapping mouth that shows up when you press together the sides of the flower. It creates a snapping sound when the petals close up again.


The seeds of the snapdragon contain extract for edible oils. And extract from the flower is used to make green dyes. The leaves also have anti-inflammatory properties.


If a suitor hides away a snapdragon, legend says he will have allure and seem congenial. This legend may be the reason why snapdragons signify deception. However, when you mix the snapdragon with another flower it could mean an expression of apology.

Another meaning for the snapdragon is graciousness. When in a bridal bouquet, the flower represents a wish for a fortunate and blessed marriage.


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