Pompon Pomander

  • Posted on 05/02/2016 by Laura
Tags: DIY


  • Oasis Floral Foam Sphere
  • Pinecones (one size)
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Wire

Step 1

Soak your Oasis foam in water.

Step 2

Add your ribbon that will hang the pomander to the top of the floral sphere.  Tie another piece of ribbon around so that the ornament is secure.

Step 3

Cut floral wire in 8-inch strips.  Tie it around the base of your pinecones so that it has a stem to stick in the floral foam.

Step 4

Insert the pinecones into the floral foam.  Leave room for the flowers!

Step 5

Remove all of the laterals from the stems of the flower.  Each lateral should be 3-4 inches.

Step 6

Insert stems into floral oasis.  Continue inserting the flowers with the rest of your stems.



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