Paper Petals

  • Posted on 05/01/2016 by Laura
Tags: DIY


•Keep the packaging from the bouquet or use a newspaper
•Black and white streamers
•Flower Stencil
•Floral Tape
•Floral Wire
•Hole Puncher

Step 1

Cut slits into ½ of the streamers so that it looks like fringe.

Step 2

Ball up a piece of the white confetti for the center of your flower.

Step 3

Tape the floral wire to the stem of the balled up piece of confetti. Wrap the tape half way down the wire.

Step 4

Wrap the black fringe streamer around the floral wire so that just the fringe surrounds the white ball of confetti.

Step 5

Next, wrap the white fringed streamer around the black fringed streamer. Secure streamers with floral tape.

Step 6

Cut petals out from the newspaper using your floral stencil. Punch a hole in the center of the paper flowers.

Step 7

Insert wire through the paper petal. Secure with floral tape if needed.

Step 8

Repeat steps 1 through 7 to create 4 more paper flowers.

Arranging the fresh-cut flowers with the paper petals.

Step 1

Gather lateral stems (stock in our case) in one hand.

Step 2

Next, add your carnations and spray roses.

Step 3

Continue adding the rest of your fresh-cut flowers. Cut stems to 1 ½ times the vase and drop them in your desired container.

Step 4

Arrange the paper flowers within your fresh-cut arrangement.


Remember to cut the stems ½ inch and change the water every other day to prolong the life of your fresh-cut flowers.


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