Lilac 101

  • Posted on 06/29/2016 by Laura

Lilacs are a flower favorite when it comes to fragrance. Many even say they prefer the scent of the lilac-colored lilac then those famous red roses.


In the Victorian era, giving a lilac means the giver wants to remind the receiver of first love. Additionally, they could act as a reminder of an old flame. Oftentimes during the Victorian era, widows wore lilacs. Alternately, in the modern era giving a lilac could mean that the giver has confidence in the receiver.

Every separate color of lilac varieties mean something different.

White: the purity and innocence of childhood.

Purple: spirituality. Wearing a darker purple lilac signifies the wearer is concerned or is aware of spiritual mysteries. Sometimes this color is used as an alternative to black for mourning or remembrance of somber anniversaries.

Blue: pastel blue symbolizes a baby boy, happiness, and tranquility.

Lilac: first love or the first time someone feels love for another.

Pink: symbolizes a baby girl, love, and strong friendships.

Magenta: passion, love, and thrill for being alive.

Fun Facts

The lilac is New Hampshire’s state flower. We’re not quite sure why but in New Hampshire, lilacs represent New Hampshireans hearty character. Who knew New Hampshire had such hearty character?

Many moths and butterflies rely on lilac for caterpillars to survive.

A common ingredient in cosmetics as well as perfumes is the lilac.


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