Larkspur 101

  • Posted on 07/26/2016 by Laura

The legendary larkspur is more than beautiful; it’s magical.


Despite being a symbol for joy, affection, love, purity of heart, lightness, strong attachment, sweet disposition, and desire for laughter, the pink larkspur can represent fickleness, the white larkspur happiness, and the purple larkspur first love.


Like delphinium, which larkspur used to be confused for, the Greek myth revolves around Ulysses and Ajax. Both Ajax and Ulysses rushed to claim the arms of the recently deceased Achilles. Ulysses was awarded the arms causing Ajax to take his life in a fit of anger. His blood spewed across the land and where it landed larkspur grew. Ajax’s initials, AIA, appear on the flower’s petals in remembrance of him.

In an alternative Native American legend, an angel parted the skies and sent down a spike made from pieces of the sky to create a sort of ladder he could climb down to earth. The sun however dried the spike and it burst and scattered by the wind. The pieces of sky that touched down on earth became larkspur.

Another legend has Christian roots. After Christ died on the cross, he was moved to a cave and sealed in with a boulder. A bunny tried to remind the doubtful that Christ would keep his promise and rise again. Nobody paid any attention to the bunny so he waited in the dark for Christ to rise again. When Christ did indeed rise the bunny rejoiced. Christ spoke to the bunny and presented him a small blue larkspur, telling the bunny to see himself reflected in the flower. Now the larkspur symbolizes trust of Christ.


Larkspur is often used as fragrance or aromatherapy and in cosmetics and candles. The flower has also been used in controlling lice and some deadly animals such as scorpions. Some even believe it has magical properties that can protect one from ghosts by using it in potions.

Fun Facts

Almost every part of the larkspur is poisonous to every animal except sheep.


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