Hyacinth 101

  • Posted on 07/26/2016 by Laura

A flower that looks like a perfect mixture between hydrangea and lilies, the hyacinth is in a class all its own. From one angle the blooms look like stars. From another they look like bells. This magical flower will surprise you by the regret and sadness it often represents.


The hyacinth is unlike most flowers in that it does not have many positive feelings associated with it. Although the blue hyacinth does represent sincerity, a yellow one can represent jealousy and for purple, sorrow for a wrong committed. The general hyacinth also has a meaning of playing sport and even rashness, due to its association with the god Zephyr. White however stands out and means loveliness.


The sun god, Apollo, and god of the west wind, Zephyr, were competing against each other to win the affection of Hyakinthos. Zephyr saw Apollo teaching Hyakinthos how to throw a discus and became enraged. He blew a gust of wind at the discus and in a tragic accident the discus struck Hyakinthos and killed him. Apollo’s heart was broken, but he noticed a flower growing from where Hyakinthos’ blood stained the ground. He named the flower hyacinth in his honor.

There is a superstition about the hyacinth. Some believe that the flower can make you fall asleep and can cure those suffering from insomnia.


The juice of the hyacinth is starchy and used to be used as glue. Alternately, the juice has a medicinal value when not used as glue. Simply mix the juice with lemon juice and apply topically to reduce inflammation of abscesses. Hyacinth’s dried root can also be used for its medicinal value of stopping bleeding by contracting the root and closing the tissues around a wound. The bulbs, which are poisonous contain oaxalic acid, a substance so strong it can remove rust.

Fun Facts

Each of the different colors of the hyacinth flower has a different scent to them.


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