Candy Corn

  • Posted on 05/27/2016 by Laura
Tags: DIY


  • 2 Cylinder Vases – 1 Large and 1 Small
  • 2 Bags for Candy Corn
  • Floral Food
  • Floral Shears/Floral Knife

Step 1

  • Place your Small Cylinder inside the Large Cylinder.
  • Pour the Candy Corn evenly throughout the space in between the two vases.

Step 2

  • Add Water and Flower Food to the internal Vase.

Step 3

  • Clean the foliage off the bottom of the stems, so that nothing hits the water level. This will prevent bacteria from growing and shortening the length of flower life.
  • Begin by crossing the stems, always moving in the same clockwise motion.

Step 4

  • Continue adding flowers to the design.
  • Keep in mind to evenly space your flowers and colors for an all around design.

Step 5

  • For a low, pave style design – Measure your flowers to the Top of the vase and cut on an angle.
  • Remember, you can always cut the stems shorter, so if you’re not sure, cut them longer rather than shorter – and keep cutting, until the length is perfect!

Step 6

  • Place the flowers in the vase and enjoy!
  • Remember to cut the stems every couple of days and change the water, so that you get the maximum vase life of your flowers.


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