Candy Cane Vase

  • Posted on 05/02/2016 by Laura
Tags: DIY


  • 1 Yard of Red Ribbon
  • 45 Candy Canes
  • Short Circular Vase
  • Dozen Red Roses or Seasonal Mixed Bouquet
  • Christmas Greens
  • 1/3 block of Oasis foam
  • Adhesive


Step 1

Soak 1/3 block of floral oasis foam in water.  Leave that there for a few minutes to soak while prepping the vase with candy canes.

Step 2

Use double sided tape or duct tape to wrap around the vase and stick the candy canes on.  We left the wrappers on the candy canes so as not to make a mess, but you many elect to remove the wrappers.

Step 3

Tie your red ribbon around the candy canes to secure them.

Step 4

Place the oasis floral foam that has been soaking in water into the vase..
Start greening your floral arrangement by inserting your choice of two Christmas greens.  For this arrangement, we used boxwood and white pine.  We cut the inserts so that they were 4-5 inches long.

Step 5

Clean and cut your roses so that the stem is about 5 inches.

Step 6

Insert the roses or flowers from your mixed bouquet in a circle throughout the Christmas greens.

Step 7

Continue inserting them in a circular pattern.  If you are using a mixed bouquet, the focal or largest flower should be in the center.

Step 8

Remember to add water to the foam every other day to ensure your flowers last throughout the holiday season!


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