Begonia 101

  • Posted on 07/14/2016 by Laura

Beware the begonia, a not so scary flower. Still you shouldn’t send this beauty for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. Find out why.


The flower receives it’s name as a tribute to former governor of Haiti, Michel Begon. Plumier, who named the flower, had been recommended to be the official plant collector of King Louis XIV by Begon. Thus the flower has come to represent gratitude and even sly enticement.


Begonias are often seen to be a message to beware but they also can mean warning about future misfortunes, dark and unpleasant thoughts, being cautious in new situations, harmonious communications, gratitude, individuality, peace, and justice. The message of beware is not the kind of beware you may associate with a horror movie. It’s more like being watchful than to be afraid.

The color associations for begonias are typical of many flowers. A red or pink begonia, like roses, represents romance and love. Yellow and gold represent wealth, happiness, and contentment. White means pure innocence. Purple and blue both represent creativity, artistry, and passion.


Toss some begonia into your favorite salad to make it burst with color. This flower is definitely edible and has a few medicinal uses as well. It can be used to treat diabetes by controlling your blood sugar, treat a sore throat, relieve cold symptoms, and heal cuts and scrapes.

Fun Fact

It’s difficult to give an exact amount of petals for the flower because the begonia consists of two female flowers and one male flower.


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