Baby's Breath 101

  • Posted on 06/29/2016 by Laura

Baby’s Breath is a lovely, dainty flower you can find in many bouquets. Their quintessential white is a great addition to most any type of bouquet, however you might also find faint pink and yellow baby’s breath that also make great additions to bouquets and arrangements. Though you might find baby’s breath quite often you likely don’t know the various meanings behind the flower.


When baby’s breath is present in a corsage, bouquet, flower crown, etc. it could signify any of these things: innocence, purity of heart, everlasting and undying love (family, platonic, romantic), freedom from corruption, newborns, power of the Holy Spirit in Christianity, reconnecting with lost love or disconnected family, and self-discipline in love.

Pink baby’s breath is a great way to celebrate a newborn baby girl’s birth. On the other hand, yellow signifies lightness and joy in a wedding bouquet or arrangement.


Because of the flower symbolized everlasting love, it was a flower admired during the Victorian era. Americans loved Victorian gardens that featured baby’s breath. Now however, the flower is treated as a weed of sorts, often classified as an invasive species.


Research suggests that the compounds found in baby’s breath may increase the effectiveness of leukemia fighting medications. Herbal specialists rarely use it though.

The root of baby’s breath can be eaten after slowly baking it but it doesn’t taste very good.


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