Azalea 101

  • Posted on 07/14/2016 by Laura

Celebrated in festivals throughout Japan and the United States, the azalea is beloved as a beautiful flower symbolizing women, and maybe in a few cases, death.


The azalea can mean temperance, softness, fragility, to take care, passion, femininity, and gratitude.

Specifically during the Victorian era, azaleas signified fragile passion, abundance, and temperance. In relation to temperance, Victorians often carried azaleas with them to signify that they supported the prohibition of alcohol.

In Chinese culture, the azalea serves as a symbol for womanhood, elegance, and wealth.


Azalea is sometimes used to make herbal medicines to treat such ailments as rheumatism and cough. The azalea’s scent is similar to lemon and can be used to detox and soothe the stomach or headaches, even to remove giddy feelings.

Fun Facts

The azalea, from the rhododendron family, is not so much a flower but a flowering shrub. They also have lots of volume, yet despite all this the azalea blooms just one flower to stem.

Beautiful but deadly, the flower bears toxins all over it. Because it bares so many toxins, it’s thought of as a death threat if you receive a bouquet of azaleas in a black vase.


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