Rose Journey

We take great care in growing, harvesting, and grading high-quality flowers.


Day One

Our roses are harvested in the morning of each day.  After harvest, the roses are gathered and sent to the post-harvest facility where they will go through our inspection, classification and bunching process.  Next, the roses are sent to the coolers where they will be stored in a hydration solution until the following morning.

Day Two

Roses are removed from the coolers and arranged into dozens according to our customer's specifications.  Each bunch is carefully packed into boxes in our coolers then loaded onto a truck headed to the Bogota airport.

Day Three

An early morning flight and a quick truck ride deliver the roses to our Miami facility where they are inspected by U.S. Customs.  After the flowers are inspected, we begin the pre-cooling process and prepare the flowers for processing.  Upon the completion of the wet packing process, (if applicable), the roses are loaded into a truck bound for your distribution center.

Day Four/Five

The rose boxes arrive at your DC and are redistributed to trucks heading to individual stores.

Day Five/Six

The rose bunches are removed from our boxes and placed into your display case for sale.

Day Six/Seven

The roses are purchased and put on display at your customer's home for maximum enjoyment and vase life.