Discovery: The chrysanthemum has existed since before 5000 BC, but back then it was a very small flower. The flower was first cultivated in China as an herb because it was believed to have the power of life. The Chinese consider the chrysanthemum the most important flower and even named their royal throne after it.

Common Name: Buttons, Disbuds, Mums, Pompom, and Spiders

Description: Disbuds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum morlfollum 

Pronunciation: (kris-AN-the-mim mor-i-FOL-i-um)

Kingdom: Plantae

Order: Asterales

Family: Asteraceae

Genus: Chrysanthemum

Fun Fact: Japan is so taken with the flower that they have a National Chrysanthemum Day called the Festival of Happiness on September 9th.