Alstroemeria 101
While so many flowers represent romance and love, Alstroemeria signify love in friendship.

Aster 101
The aster flower may look typical but the legends say they are much, much more.

Gardenia 101
Gardenias aren't famed just for their intoxicating scent, they have great medicinal value.

Hydrangea 101
Believe it or not, the hydrangea is more ancient then your grandmother's garden.

Kalanchoe 101
We love kalanchoe in bouquets but they have medicinal value that is off the charts.

Lilac 101
Lilac doesn't just come in one purple color. Each color of the lilac has a different meaning.

Protea 101
One of Sunshine Bouquet's favorite botanics, protea is whimsical and meaningful.

Snapdragons 101
Snapdragons really look like snapping dragons. We love the look and what they mean in a bouquet.

Tulip 101
Tulips are some of the most lovely flower. In many cultures, they signify very different things.