Overview & Vision

At Sunshine Bouquet, our mission is to be the leader in the supermarket floral industry. Through a determined focus on the freshest flowers, innovative designs and great value, we pledge to give each and every one of our partners unsurpassed service. Our goal is to build an extraordinary organization that is accountable to our customers, employees and to the communities we serve. We achieve this goal on a daily basis through a relentless focus on Quality, Service, Value and Design.

Quality - Sunshine has always prided itself on having the freshest and highest quality products. This is achieved through having control of all aspects of our supply chain process and our global cool chain methodology.

Value - We know that the end customer is knowledgeable about costs and value when shopping at the supermarket. Offering fair and consistent prices to our customer helps ensure their success and the continued growth of the supermarket floral industry.

Design - With a skilled product development, design and marketing team, Sunshine is able to stay ahead of the curve with trends and design. The innovative concepts and looks offered by Sunshine help supermarkets stay fresh and modern in their floral departments.

Service - Loyal customers are the key to our success. We believe a crucial part of our accomplishments in the supermarket floral industry come from our devotion to service. Providing an outstanding level of customer service allows us to both satisfy the customer and keep current on what’s occurring in the supermarket industry.