As a member of the Rainforest Alliance, we're constantly taking measures to guarantee ecological responsibility and conserve biodivirsity.  These measures include soil conservation, waste reduction, and ecosystem preservation. Below are some of the ways in which we ensure we're adhering to the strictest environmental farming standards.


What Do We Do?

Soil Health

Healthy soil is essential for healthy flowers and a thriving environment. To preserve our soil we use the latest science to enhance nutrients in the soil. In addition, we limit clear cutting for flower fields and farming on hillsides, which are prone to erosion from rain. We also compost, recycle, and rotate our crops.

Water Conservation & Protection

Clean and fresh water is essential to agriculture. Sunshine works to reduce water pollution by not using fertilizers that cause algae growth and deoxidization in water. We also limit use of water through irrigation and rain water circulation.  

Ecosystem & Biodiversity

Sunshine makes the protection of native forests and wildlife a top priority. We make sure that the pesticides we use are bee and butterfly friendly! We also take steps to protect the native habitat of Colombia and the endangered Tingua bird by only purchasing pre-existing farmland.

Pest Management

To produce healthy flowers, Sunshine has to carefully manage evolving pests and diseases.  We're committed to reducing our pesticide usage and have instituted biological controls to isolate predator bugs rather than harmful pesticides.